About Us

About us 

Fashion is not simply a combination of clothes and accessories but also an affirmation of a personal mark. Whether you are a man or a woman, you must have at least once wanted to own outfits that are both aesthetic and unique.

YourStyle was born to understand this need, bringing designs that express your personality, lifestyle, and passion.

Our story

I’m Anna Rhimes, founder of YourStyle – an e-commerce store that always offers fashion products for everyone.

I have graduated from university majoring in Fashion Design and Technology and spent more than 10 years working in this field before setting up my store.

From the love of childhood

The inspiration for me to set up shop was also entirely coincidental.

My story begins with a passion for fashion from a young age. I soon paid particular attention to the colors, materials, and especially the design of each outfit I wore.

As I grow older, I understand the importance of clothing in life. Like people, each design, accessory, or piece of fashion has its personality, story, and meaning. Therefore, to speak for themselves, many people choose fashion as a way of expression.

I am one of those people, and so are you. Fashion was not simply clothes and accessories to protect the body but also a means to express style, so that each time you put on a set of clothes, you are once yourself.

Coming to the idea of ​​​​founding YourStyle

However, I also understand that fast fashion has changed the entire fashion industry. You can see a wide range of clothes that quickly catch on to trends, with designs with many similarities.

As a person who is always looking for novelty and originality, I have rekindled the idea of ​​founding an address that provides customized products. Here, you can not only design your unique costumes but also find meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

I know the idea above is not new. However, unlike other famous fashion houses, when each separate design will take away a large amount of money from you, YourStyle brings various products in designs and colors at reasonable prices.

Besides, YourStyle promises to be a prestigious address for you to go to whenever you need clothes that express your personality, thoughts, and beliefs. Combined with individuality, uniqueness is the aesthetic, trendy coming from the team of YourStyle – who never take pop culture lightly when designing.

Our Mission

YourStyle carries on the mission of becoming the leading address specializing in bringing products that enhance your personality, meeting all your fashion needs. Whether you’re looking for chic dresses for yourself or a unique accessory for a best friend, we can’t let you down.

Right from the first days of establishment, we have determined to carry on the following missions:

  • First, YourStyle is here to help you find quality fashion at the best prices.
  • Second, we will help you find your trendy style and show your personality.
  • Third, we want to be a successful sales unit and want to bring an enjoyable shopping experience with a variety of goods, updating the latest trends.
  • Finally, one of our important missions is to be your companion, helping you express yourself and your style.

What Will You Find At YourStyle?

At YourStyle, you will find great products that make the perfect gift.

In particular, with clothing, you are sure to be pleased with designs that balance timeless inspiration with contemporary details.

As mentioned many times, you can completely design your costumes. Don’t worry too much about the aesthetics or application in the design because the staff will always be with you, helping you get the perfect product.

We are confident in the high quality of the materials, which help keep the product’s life at an extraordinary level.

As for accessories, all the items you find at YourStyle are highly functional and able to match any item in your wardrobe.

In particular, all of our designs are fashionable and have a particular highlight to express the wearer’s personality.

Our Commitment

With the above mission, we commit that all activities of YourStyle are geared towards providing the most satisfying shopping experience with the following three main commitments:


We pay attention to three characteristics of each garment: fabric quality, design, and tailoring.

In particular, YourStyle always remembers that fabric is the decisive factor that makes up the outfit’s beauty. Therefore, we are always committed to providing fabrics with high elasticity, easy to wear, and breathable.

We are also committed to providing meticulous, solid seams and vivid colors. You can also discuss further with us for products with colors, designs, and drawings to suit your taste.

We are committed to our products using the most modern and optimal techniques. We process prints using DTG Direct Printing, Embroidery, and other professional tools.

Finally, with many years of experience in apparel design and manufacturing, we are proud to bring products of the highest quality, worthy of your money and expectations.


Building YourStyle is a team of professional staff, a creative design team, the enthusiastic and friendly customer care specialists. We always listen, understand, and care about our customers to better meet their needs.

If you encounter any problems while placing an order, communicating an idea, or receiving your goods, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. With the operating philosophy of treating customers as a soulmate sharing the same passion for fashion, YourStyle can exist and develop today because of you.


As mentioned, we always strive to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. For YourStyle, the cost of owning a designer shirt has never been so affordable.

With the story, mission, and commitments above, they are always worth choosing when looking for a unique, high-quality fashion brand at the most economical cost.

With us, somehow, your fashion style will get better every day.

Bio Author

Anna Rhimes graduated from the University of Fashion Design and Technology. She has 10 years of experience working in the fashion industry and is now the founder of YourStyle.